My Redcord story

I have had many surgeries and a very weak core with numerous back issues. I have been to Carr Physical Therapy for many things, for many years, and they have always helped me; but the back problems kept coming back. Every time I tried strengthening my core at the gym or home, I would be back to physical therapy within a very short time frame.

This past October, Carr Physical Therapy got a new piece of equipment called Redcord. When I started I could not endure much, but I continued to work at it and finished the course of treatment by early January.

I left for a trip to Guatemala to help a team building houses and thought I would surely need PT when I returned…

I was able to the 22 hours of travel on plane, bus and boat; walk up huge hills; work daily doing cement work, plumbing, painting as well as traveling to Antigua and enduring the long trip home.

I am both happy and saddened to say I have not been back to Carr PT. You are all truly amazing, and I give you a huge thank you!

Carr Physical Therapy has the most amazing staff! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. You are greeted, by name, every time you come in… and treated like a part of the team from day one. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they will take their time to get to know their pateints personally; and ensure that and and all questions are answered. I was treated with respect and made to feel welcome. I recommend Carr Physical Therapy to everyone I know!


If you’ve been searching for a superior physical therapy center, Carr Physical Therapy Center is the right place. From the moment you walk in the door you begin to relax and the wait is no more than a few minutes. Your therapist works closely with you at each visit; remembers the details of your progress; answers all of your questions; and you will begin to feel better than you have in a long time. I recommend going to Northumberland to find true professionals and the solution to your discomfort and pain.


Treatment at Carr Physical Therapy has been essential to my recovery from my back injury. I have been treated at other physical therapy facilities and I always find that returning to Carr PT is my key ingredient to not only recovering from the injury, but also to learning how to proceed on my own afterwards, with exercises that keep me as healthy as possible.


I have been under the care of Carr Physical Therapy for a while. They have helped my with a chronic SI issue when no one else could, including doctors. Beth Carr is wonderful and I am very thankful for her care.


After trying to resolve problems with my shoulder with other therapists closer to home, I finally decided to come to Carr Physical Therapy and have been thrilled and impressed. IT is worth it! It’s great treatment and great access to knowledge. Thanks!


As I walked into Carr Physical Therapy, I was secretly wondering why I was there. I had a problem for over a year and never dreamed that physical therapy was the solution.

I was greeted warmly and then had my first session with Beth and Sue. They were friendly, confident, professional, and obviously experienced and knowledgeable. After explaining my problem to me, therapy began. I then knew why I was there.

After five sessions, I was discharged having learned the cause of my problem and knowing how to proceed on my own to keep things under control.

Thank you Carr Physical Therapy!